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        About Us

We are a young, glassmaking studio that takes pride in meticulously handcrafting cut glass, objects and interior luminaires.

        Our story

Our entire production process takes place in a small workshop set in the picturesque landscape of Moravian Wallachia which used to be one of the most renowned glassmaking regions in the Czech Republic.

The tradition of local glassworks reaches back to 1817 when the noble family of Reich had gradually built eleven large glassworks the production of which was exported all over the world. Since then the craft of glassmaking has been passed on from father to son for nearly 200 years. Like many others, our parents too were employed in glassworks; thus we have been surrounded with glass since childhood.

Our relationship to glass and glassmaking was further developed by studying at a secondary school of glassmaking and, later on, at The Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague at the studio of Prof. Rony Plesl.


In our work, we seek new, innovative approaches that combine unique glass designs and modern technologies. We like to experiment with art forms and alter the traditional and conventional methods by taking a unique approach to glassmaking.

Working with glass is like witnessing a small miracle. Its infinite forms, shapes and methods of processing are a constant source of amazement to us. Thanks to its unique properties, glass can both transmit light emphasizing its colour and reflect, or block it; That is why, to us, glass is the most amazing creative tool of artistic expression.

Our work is based on the tradition and quality of Czech crystal glass. We use time-honoured glass working methods such as blowing, cutting, slumping and fusing. All our products are handcrafted on a small scale, which makes every single piece a true original – a unique work of art for your designer interior.

        The Team

MgA. Filip Dobias


David Gabera


MgA. Jakub Petr