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Aquarell Light

Here you can see the final look of the “#Artificial_Life_Aquarell_Lighting”, based on WS2812B addressable LEDs driven by Raspberry Pi 3 + Teensy 3.2. Design of this project is made in cooperation with my friend and colleague MgA. Jakub Petr in occasion of Designblok 2016. In videos, you can see application of the generative art script, mentioned below this article. It uses cellular automata + boids algorithm to produce these beautiful fields of colors, actually it is kind of artificial life, based on simple rules developing on the 2D plane in time.
The screen is circular cutout of the matrix 30x30px = 900 px / LEDs and it has more than one meter in diameter. LED’s are projecting RGB light and mixing together on the screen made out of opal organic glass. The software is running on the Raspberry Pi 3 computer + Teensy 3.2 and it is live stream projected on the screen. The colour of the light can be off-course changed or manipulated in to the white light or any other color wirelessly from the laptop, PC , smartphone or any other device trough the VNC client.


wooden frame, flat glass and frita,

custom eletronic & LED panel,

manual or remote control over Wi-Fi

Diametre: Large 1200 mm, small 1000mm



Jakub Petr & Filip Dobias


19 června, 2017


Art, lighting, Object, Style